mlsplogo MLSP2013
IEEE International Workshop on
Machine Learning for Signal Processing

September 22-25, 2013  Southampton, United Kingdom

AUGUST 19, 2013
Bird classification challenge

1st place700 USD
2nd place600 USD
3rd place500 USD

MLSP Data Competition

The MLSP 2013 data competition organizing committee is announcing the MLSP 2013 Bird Classification Challenge.

Download the description here

The goal in this challenge is to predict the set of bird species that are present given a ten-second audio clip. This is a multi-label supervised classification problem. The data consists of audio recordings paired with the set of species that are present.

The detail information and submission is done at page

The MLSP 2013 organizing committee is providing three awards to competition winners. Further winner are invited to submit papers that describe their solution.

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